• 2/29/24
    • Slight update on writing page
  • 10/6/23
    • !! No more chemo !!
  • 8/26/23
    • Changing about me cubes
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    • Changed gallery page
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    • New buttons page BG
    • Working on gallery page
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    • Added gallery page
    • Added new index page image
  • 7/29/23
    • Finally back
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    • Fixed index page gif bug
    • Continued to add to links page theme
    • Edited the font again
  • 3/24/23
    • Links page revamped
  • 3/22/23
    • Added cubes to about page
    • Started some theme revamps
  • 2/2/23
    • Bro wrote a whole essay on his writing page
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    • Made a site button
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    • New background for some pages
  • 10/14/21
    • I wrote some more shit
  • 10/13/21
    • I wrote some shit
  • 10/12/21
    • I'm back, again
    • I almost died, lmao
  • 6/19/21
    • I'm back cunts
    • I have cancer lol
  • 4/15/21
    • Added to About page
    • Added to Links page
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    • New home page design
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Welcome to
Mosh's Hole in the Internet

What's up dog? It seems that in your internet travels, you've wound up in my hole! (not like that, you fucking sicko.) Over the last couple of years, I've had a lot of personal problems, so excuse me if I go long periods of time without updating my site. If my site is broken for you in any way, it is your fault and I blame you for all of my problems.(btw, let me put you on some shit)

Site Inspiration and Credits

This site is heavily inspired by those of sadgrl, MelonKing, Fauux, and Omni, though I tried to put my own spin on the site. I don't want this to be another boilerplate site of just copy-pasted code, so I made sure to recreate elements that I liked by writing my own code instead of taking someone else's.

My Projects

Getting back into glitch art and datamoshing

I've taken quite a long break from programming and attempting to make shitty glitch art, but I'm back for a little now. I'm working on a maze game to challenge myself more, and I'm planning on getting back into trying to make more art. Here's something that I made tonight:

And here's a gif version of it I made:

Creating my own Discord bot

It's been years since I made my last Discord bot, so I have to pretty much relearn the entire API, as I've forgotten most of it. It's also changed a lot with adding the functionality of slash commands instead of parsing the information straight from a user message. This bot is going to be for my Rust(the game, not the programming language) Discord server. I'm planning on making it a music bot with integration with the Rust API to read team chat and for people to interact with smart switches in our base. I'll probably add some integration with the ChatGPT API as well just for fucking around, maybe I'll even do something with AI image creation. Overall though, I don't have much as of yet because everytime I start to get somewhere with my programming, I decide that I want to do it a different way, which means I have to completely restart. I restarted like three times in the span of two days. Later on, I'll post images of my bot working, and maybe I'll put the code on Github and then link it here.